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(Effective 28.08.18)

(1) A snooker team shall consist of 4 players. A player shall not play 2 league games in the same week except by a rearranged fixture.

(2) All Clubs to be situated within 10 miles of Boston. No limit for players.

(3) Professional players shall be allowed to play in the Super League only.

(4) Players do not need to pre register to play in the league, however, once a player had played 3 times for any team they would then be locked into that team for the remainder of the season.

(5) The team entrance fee shall be £27 for Snooker - fees to be paid by September 1st.

(6) All matches to be played as per fixture list at their intended and scheduled venue and commence at clubs not later than 7.00pm. Second player to arrive not later than 7.30 pm - Third player not later than 8.30 pm - Fourth player not later than 9.30 pm. Snooker players will lose 1 point if up to twenty minutes late and 2 points if any later.

(7) All games in a match to be played on the same evening.

(8) The home team must provide a referee for every frame.

(9) Each player in the team shall play 2 consecutive frames, 1 point per frame (Total 8 points.)

(10) In all clubs the home teams score should be kept on the top line of the scoreboard and the away team on the bottom. The home team has the choice of choosing opponents from those present. The home team shall always break first in each match.

(11) All games to be played under the NEW revised World Snooker Association Rules with the exception of the miss rule.

(12) All players to abide by the League’s Code of Conduct, any breaches of this to be brought to the attention of the committee in writing. 

(13) Results sheets for all matches to be completed, signed by a member of each team and handed in to the Boston Snooker Centre by 5.00 pm on Saturday night at the end of that week. Sheets received late will receive a deduction of 1 point. The League Secretary is happy to receive a photo image of the results sheet sent directly to him, Matthew Povey, via Messenger.

(14) All matches must be played.

(a) Matches can be rearranged to alternative dates with the agreement of both captains and with more than 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given it will result in the loss of 4 points by the offending team unless clearly defined extenuating circumstances are given to the League Secretary.

(b) Teams have a deadline for playing any rearranged matches. Any matches rearranged  in the  first half of the season, must be played before the commencement of the second half of the season. Any matches rearranged  in the second half of the season must be played before final two league games of the season so that all tables can be up to date for team’s promotion and demotion calculations.

(c)  Games that cannot be rearranged by agreement of both captains, must be referred to the League Secretary who will determine a  ‘play by’ date. Games still not being played by this date will incur the sanctions of rule (15).

(d) Any team unable to fulfil their fixture must contact the League Secretary by telephone or email.  The League Secretary will have the final say on the validity of the cancellation.

(e) It is the responsibility of the cancelling team captain to rearrange the match by telephoning the opposing team captain, any difficulties in rearranging the match must be reported to the League Secretary who will mediate.

(15) Any team players dropping out of the league will be given 1 (one) week to consider their decision. During this week the Chairman will contact the team to inform them that if they continue with their decision the team and all of their players will being removed from the league and shall be banned for the following season. If a team is excluded from the League for any reason then all players of that team are also immediately excluded for competing in any competitions for the remainder of this season and the following season.

(16) Written appeals against this are welcome to be submitted to the committee, which will be considered in a committee meeting.

(17) Players must not transfer to another club or team except by permission of the League Secretary.

(18) Play for each player should be continuous without a break between the two frames. Smoking breaks may only be taken between a change of team players. No smoking breaks may be taken between the 1st and 2nd frames of a player. If a player takes a smoking break between the 1st and 2nd frames of any match then the second frame is deemed to be forfeited. Any frame forfeited in this way must be indicated on the scoresheet by writing “FORFEIT” on the offending players side.

(19) All disputes to be brought before the Committee in writing and their decision shall be final.

(20) Snooker break cups for different divisions not to be won by the same player in one season.

(21)  In the event of two or more teams tying for championship or relegation it will be decided on games won. If these are the same there will be a deciding match on a neutral table.

(22) Prize money must be collected at the Presentations by the player or their representative. Any prize money not collected, will be returned to BSL funds.

(23) All propositions for the A.G.M. must be in the hands of the Chairman 14 days prior to the meeting. The Chairman  to notify all clubs of the propositions at least 7 days prior to the meeting.

(24) At an Annual General Meeting each player to be allowed 1 vote.