Code of Conduct

(Effective 28.08.18)

This Code of Conduct is a set of rules which govern the expected behaviour of all the members of the Boston Snooker League.

By entering the league or any competitions you are agreeing to abide by all the League & Competition Rules which shall now include this Code of Conduct.

Members wishing to protest about the behaviour of a member or a team in the league must do so in writing to the League Secretary or the Competitions Secretary within 48 hours of the match during which the incident took place.

Members who are deemed to have acted in a manner contrary to the code will be subject to disciplinary action, and depending on the circumstances, may, or may not, be asked to appear in front of a disciplinary committee for a judgement on the matter.

The Players/Team Must:
(1) Conduct themselves in a respectful and courteous manner at all times.

(2) Be fair, considerate and honest with all dealings within the Boston Snooker League.

(3) Be aware of, and adhere to, the Boston Snooker League's standards, rules and policies.

(4) Care for the equipment provided by the venue of the match.

(5) Ensure that Social Media is used responsibly and respectfully.

(6) Not distract other players whilst they are playing their game and to also be respectful of any others playing matches on other tables.

(7) Ensure that Mobile Phones are switched off or on silent throughout the match.

(8) Only use appropriate language.

(9) Wear appropriate clothing throughout the match. (In any competition final at the Finals Weekend, this includes formal trousers, shirt and shoes.)  

(10) Refrain from shouting during the match.

(11) Not leave the table during play without the permission of the referee.

(12) Not concede a frame unless snookers are required.

(13) Immediately vacate the table after a missed shot.

(14) Understand the repercussions if you breach, or are aware or any breaches of this Code of Conduct.

The Non-striker Must:
(1) Remain quiet whilst the opponent is at the table.

(2) Stay out of the 'line-of-sight' of the shot of the opponent.

(3) Refrain from standing directly behind players.

(4) Refrain from using a mobile phone whilst their match is in progress.

(5) Not converse with the referee during the match unless claiming an undetected foul.

The Referee Must:
(1) Remain impartial at all times.

(2) Announce the break of the player after each pot. (After colours are re-spotted.)

(3) Stay out of the 'line-of-sight' of the player at the table.

(4) Announce the score of the frame on the request of the players. (Not the 'difference' in score which could result in referee error.)

(5) Not to use a mobile phone during the frames they are overseeing.

(6) Add scores to the scoreboard after each break, ensuring that the correct score is shown at all times.

(7) Ensure that spectators of any match behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times.