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For all the latest local snooker league news & knockout competition update information...


The Boston Snooker Leagues Are Sponsored by:

   The Individual Boston Knockout Competitions This Season Are Sponsored By:


Season Starts 8th September:
24.08.14 - With effect from 10:00am on the 25.08.14 at Boston Snooker Centre, the 2014/15 League Handbooks will be available for league team players.

13.08.14 - Please make sure you and your team are fully up-to-date with both the current LEAGUE RULES and CODE OF CONDUCT. Both sets of main rules have a link to the Code, and they will also be printed in the Handbook.

13.08.14 - The Paul Mould Jubilee will take place on the 7th September. (Added to COMPETITIONS page.)

11.08.14 - TEAM KO draws are now ONLINE. (In COMPETITIONS section.)

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